Three Kitchen Remodeling Styles

modern kitchen home remodeling

The center of many homes is the kitchen, which is why a kitchen remodel is so important.  You will be using this room, not only for cooking your meals, but also to gather with friends and family. This is where your most important holiday memories will be created, such as roasting a turkey in the oven for thanksgiving or a nice plump ham for Christmas.  When you decide to move forward with your remodel, there are three main styles that your remodeling contractors can easily work with.


Modern and contemporary design styles are often used interchangeably since they have so many similarities, but they are distinct.  The home addition contractor you hire can help to create either a contemporary kitchen design, which embodies the style of a particular era after the industrial revolution, or they can help you with a modern kitchen design.  The modern kitchen design usually focuses on the use of very clean lines, smooth surfaces, and a sleek look.

Your kitchen contractors can incorporate hardwoods, stone, and even metal into the design.  Either way, a modern or contemporary kitchen will not usually be very bright and vibrant, but rather it will emphasize the beauty of the construction materials and the way that they complement each other.


If you are more traditional, the traditional kitchen renovation option may be your best bet.  This style of construction tries to incorporate wood cabinets and classic stone countertops.  The colors tend to be very deep rich colors, usually in an earth or jewel tone.

The use of this style usually includes a lot of intricate decorative finishing work such as crown molding, baseboards, and customized cabinetry.  This is a great choice for those of you who want to be very involved in the selection of materials, décor and who want a kitchen that will make use of modern and antique styling.


The transitional kitchen remodeling method takes into consideration the past and the present, and blends them carefully to create a style that is uniquely you.  This method doesn’t conform to the traditional style rules and, therefore, has a lot more customizability.  This is a great choice if you want to use traditional wooden cabinets with stone countertops as seen in the traditional and modern styles, but with a unique flair.  This could be anything from choosing contrasting colors or patterns, or using exotic materials.

You can also mix finishes and the décor to make the kitchen stand out on its own.  The only limitation that you will experience when you go with this style is your budget.  Apart from that, anything goes and you can work very closely with your home improvement contractors to create a new kitchen that truly expresses your personal taste and style.

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