basement remodelingReplacing an outdated flooring is often all you need to freshen the look of an outdated room such as living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or hallway.  The choices of flooring In the last few years has surged and made available to home owners a myriad of  stunning choices, especially in tiles, laminates and engineered flooring.  The good news is that this surge has also caused these flooring prices to be quite lower.  The key to Your flooring success is to choose the appropriate flooring; one that complements the rest of the house’s style and colors.

When considering flooring replacement it is important to consider a couple factors:

    1. Will the flooring replacement achieve the look and feel I am seeking?  Seeing a floor you like might tempt you to put in in a room where after its installation makes the rest of the room stick out like a sore thumb;
    2. Would a wall reconfiguration make a big difference in the look, feel or more importantly the utility of the room?  If so, any flooring replacement done before will make that wall reconfiguration more difficult and costly as quite a bit of the flooring will then need to be redone; and
    3. removing an existing floor is a perfect opportunity to assess needs for wiring, plumbing or mechanical changes.  It is a small step from the removal of the flooring to the removal of the sub-flooring to have access to these elements otherwise inaccessible once the flooring has been installed.

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