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Here’s how to escape the stress of day-to-day life!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to snuggle up with a good book, sip hot tea, and bask in the sunrays coming through the window of your window seat in your master suite? Or better yet, how about an easy chair in front of a fireplace. The door closed and another world awaiting you even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Nowadays the master suite is much more than just a bedroom. It becomes a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a romantic oasis in the midst of a stressful world. Here you can find restful sleep.

What was once a master bedroom is now called a master suite. It’s an all in one room. A spectacular place where almost any event can occur. A candlelight dinner for two, breakfast in bed, an office, or a den. This is mom and dads hide out. A home within a home.

These are just some of the escapes available to you when you consider remodeling your master suite. And AMS Home Improvement can help make it happen.

Make money on your remodel

AMS Home Improvement wants you to know that yes, you will improve the value of your home by remodeling that master bedroom. In fact in just seven short years, you will not only recapture the cost of the remodeling, but you begin to make money on the remodeling. Let us look at the figures. Let’s say your home is currently worth $200,000. You decide to let AMS Home Improvement remodel your master suite at a cost of $25,000. Suddenly your home is now worth $222,500. But, and here’s the good news, if your home appreciates over the next 6 years at the conservative rate of 2% per year this old house is now worth $250,570 rather than the $225,232 without the remodel. At the end of ten years your home without the remodel may have a resale value of $240,000, while, by simply remodeling your master suite, your homes values climbs to almost $275,000. You’ve paid for your remodeling!

master suite remodeling Master Suite or Multi Purpose Room?

An expert for the PBS show “This Old House” has said that the bedroom has changed since the days of our grandparent’s and this is evident in the new builds and the remodeling trends. In fact homeowners are knocking out walls to an adjoining bedroom to create a larger suite, add a closet or enlarge the bathroom.

Why not let AMS home Improvement bring you into today’s world for master suites? Today’s master suites have a lot more space, incorporating sitting areas, fireplaces, bigger closets, dressing areas and even snack areas. Whatever the mood you want to create with your master suite remodel, here are some of the items you should consider:

  • recessed lighting, these are great for setting whatever mood you may want for any given moment.
  • Internet access, remember this will become your get a way spot. Why not answer your e-mail or surf the web while you’re away from it all?
  • entertainment systems, enjoy your favorite TV show, DVD, or music. Add in a big screen HD TV complete with surround a sound. And don’t forget the remote controls.
  • remote control ceiling fans and lighting, here again you have the ability to set the tone for any use.

A lot of thought and design needs to go into your final plan for your master suite.

Some of the items are:

  • Color and texture. The remodeling pros at AMS Home Improvement will guide you through the process of selecting the most appropriate color for your remodeled master suite.
  • Wall coverings are another often-overlooked consideration. The right choice of wallpaper can really set your special room apart.
  • Closet space should also be a consideration. If you are expanding your current space, be sure to include this in your plans.
  • Windows and window boxes can make or break your remodeling project. This isn’t a place to cut corners.
  • Floor covering is another important consideration. Carpeting, hardwood, tile, or a mixture?

For that perfect space you deserve no less than the very best, and that’s AMS Home Improvement. We’ve been making homeowners dreams come true for many years. And you can be assured that your remodel will have our same level of dedication as our very first job.

Call AMS Home Improvement today and arrange for a free no obligation consultation on your remodeling project. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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