Handyman Services

handyman services

Our handyman services are guaranteed and we offer a complete array of services that will suit almost every need. There are however a few projects that pop up more than others.


Our team of electrical technicians is highly qualified and has experience with local and state regulations.  We are fully equipped to handle all your electrical needs including:

  1. General electric maintenance – maintaining and replacing outlets, wiring
  2. Installation of fixtures – lights, fans, heaters, large appliances, dimmers, motion or sound activated lights, and so much more
  3. Complete rewiring of rooms, grids or homes


One of the most important features in your home is the plumbing system.  If the pipes begin decaying or a line bursts, it could cause thousands of dollars of water damage to floors, wall, furnishings, electric lines, and more.  This is why our team of handymen are qualified in everything related to plumbing.

  1. Bathroom repair – pipes, seals, tubs, drainage, upgrades
  2. Fixture work – installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
  3. Piping – installation, insulation, cleaning


Whether your home has wood on the outside or inside, there is no one more qualified than our handymen to perform installation or maintenance.  We provide a wide variety of wood related services including:

  1. Deck work – repair, installation, cleaning, refinishing, removal, upgrading
  2. Flooring – installation, selection, maintenance, deep cleaning, repair
  3. Finishing – kitchen work, cabinetry, doors, molding, ceiling tiling, accents

Additional Handyman Services

While those may seem like a few commonplace services included in any handyman’s repertoire, they are only the most common.  We also have a wide array of services to meet any home repair needs. If you have specific needs or questions, which cannot be addressed by the services mentioned below, feel free to contact us at any time for clarification.

  1. Attics
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Drywall
  4. Deck work
  5. Maintenance
  6. Tile work
  7. Window maintenance
  8. Carpentry
  9. Flooring services
  10. Garage maintenance
  11. Plumbing
  12. Kitchens
  13. Outdoor
  14. Finishing work
  15. Electrical, and so much more

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