Basement Finishing

basement finishing

Convert that hole in the floor into money in the bank!

basement remodeling

The secret to making money on your home

I’ll bet you didn’t know that over a seven year period the remodeling of your basement will actually make you more money than it cost to remodel? Well it’s true. How? Let’s look at the figures. Let’s say your home is currently worth $200,000. You decide to let AMS Home Improvement remodel your basement at a cost of $25,000. Suddenly your home is now worth $222,500. But, and here’s the good news, if your home appreciates over the next 6 years at the conservative rate of 2% per year this old house is now worth $250,570 rather than the $225,232 without the remodel. You’ve paid for your remodeling!

basement remodeling savings

Plus you gain all the benefits of living in a home with a brand new basement!

Ask yourself these questions, is your basement …

  • Dark
  • Damp
  • Dingy
  • Simply a mess?

What if you could change all that? That’s right; you can make your basement …

  • Bright
  • An area of pride
  • Warm and inviting
  • As fresh as outdoors

Don’t give up, there’s a solution to that dirty old basement: AMS home Improvement! That’s right, now you can increase the livability of your home simply by finishing your basement. Not only that, most people who finish their basement find that they almost double the livable area of their home. Imagine that game room you’ve always wanted, or how about places for that big screen HD TV complete with surround a sound? A pool table? Extra bedrooms, no problem. And it will never be easier or less expensive to redo your basement than doing it right now.

Here’s how to get started. Call AMS Home Improvement and invite one of our expert estimators to provide you with an absolutely free estimate on the cost to transform your basement. Remember, nobody does basements better than AMS Home Improvement.

And, when you select AMS Home Improvement you can be assured that your project will be supervised from beginning to end while meeting time and budget requirements. AMS Home Improvement will provide top quality craftsmanship for every detail of your job. We do it right the first time.

Call us today and we’ll meet with you at your home where we’ll:

  • Evaluate your project
  • Offer you our recommendations
  • Provide you with a detailed free estimate

Remember this no project done by AMS Home Improvement is done until you are satisfied. And that’s our promise to you.

Your finished basement can be Bright, An area of pride, Warm and inviting, and as fresh as outdoors

Let the experienced staff at AMS Home Improvement provide you with an array of options that will transform your basement. From the color on the walls to the flooring and ceiling, you can personalize your basement into a whole new living area. We can guide you through the many available choices finding that just right one for you.

You can even add a kitchen or bathroom. In fact, you may even want to consider converting that unused space into a small rental property. AMS Home Improvement has the expertise and craftsmanship to bring your plans to life. And all this within your budget.

Does your basement have problems?

Our staff has solutions to the most challenging of basements. Maybe you have given up on finishing your basement, thinking that no one could make it useful for your needs. Why not let AMS Home Improvement take a look at what you have and offer you their recommendations?

When doing a basement remodeling, the Extras Make All the Difference

What separates one home improvement provider from another? Attention to the details. This is where AMS Home Improvement really excels. As our customers have said:

“When making the decision to remodel a family home it was important to us to work with a contractor who understood our specific needs, presented options for our consideration and supervised all aspects of the project. The remodeling was completed within our timetable and important for us, our budget!”


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